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Tribal Marketer was built out of a need.

A need for knowledgeable, honest marketing services to help small business owners grow their businesses, feed their families, and continue being the vital backbones our of communities.

Many marketing agencies charge $10,000 minimum just for the basic packages.

But we know that small business owners can’t afford those sorts of prices.

So where does that leave them?

Struggling to figure it out for themselves, consuming their precious time, and leaving them frustrated beyond all means.

Not to mention, lost dollars due to trial and error trying to figure all this online stuff out.

And that’s where we come in.

Raised in a small community, living in a small community, we understand the dynamics of operating a small business in today’s markets.

Therefore, our products and services are designed to be simple, effective, and budget friendly.

Because if our small businesses flourish, our communities flourish, and our lives flourish.

Who Are We

Maggie Benson


Maggie Benson is a digital marketer based out of the Okanagan Valley in BC, Canada. She helps fierce entrepreneurs build their businesses and make more money online so they can a better quality of life and spend more time with their peeps. She’s a certified Google Adwords Professional, Inbound Marketer and Search Marketer Master. When she’s not typing away on the laptop, she’s enjoying her 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats, 20+ chickens and a strong cup of java!

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