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How to Optimize your Facebook Page

This step right here is really important for a business to correctly optimize their Facebook Pages. Because this will determine if people will like your Facebook Page or not. There are several ways to get a lot of likes but if you want for people to really “interact”...

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Why Use Facebook Ads?

Last week, I talked about what are facebook ads, and this week I'll talk about the benefits of using Facebook ads in your business: Benefits for businesses: Most popular and trusted website: Facebook is the most trusted and second most popular website, with 1.28...

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What Are Facebook Ads?

Concept Facebook Ads are the best way to promote your business, sell your brand, and reach those clients you haven’t being able to reach yet. They are a lot more than just customized images displayed on different parts of the Facebook Homepage. Based on the user’s...

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Top Google Ranking Factors for 2016 – Content

Video Transcription Hello everyone and welcome back to the six-part mini-series on the Top Ranking Factors for your SEO from 2016 going into 2017. In this short video, we're going to be covering content factors. We have known for a good couple years that content is...

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Understanding Search Console by Google

UPDATED: DEC. 2016 This is the recording of a training I did in via my FB page.  If you're more of a 'reader' than a 'watcher', I've summarized each element of Google Search Console below the video. If you're needing to verify your site with Google, follow these...

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How to Submit Your Website to Google?

Ever wonder how Google finds websites? If you think that just because you've 'launched' your website that the search engines will automatically know you're there, I'm sorry to tell you that they don't. You have to submit your website to Google! Yup! Ya gotta tell the...

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Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I'll be honest - SEO can be hard.  There's title tags, header tags, alt tags, meta descriptions, content length etc etc etc. Plus keep up with the most recommended practices is a full time job (trust me on that one;)) Best SEO Plugins For...

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What is SEO? HTML Best Practices

[Ok just as a warning - this article may be a little tech heavy ;)]   SEO HTML Best Practices So I've covered "What is SEO?", "SEO Content Structure" and "SEO Architecture" based off of Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors. Today I'm going to...

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What is SEO? Site Architecture

Last post we started talking about on-page factors that affect your SEO, in particular content quality. In this post, we're going to continue the conversation and talk about how website architecture and HTML affect your SEO. And I promise to keep it as simple as...

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What is SEO? Content Strategy

In What is SEO? Part 1, we discussed the basics of what SEO is and why it's important. In this article, we're going to go into more detail of the elements that makeup SEO, according to the ‘Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors‘, published by Search Engine Land.  ...

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What is SEO? [UPDATED]

Last Updated: January 4, 2017 What is SEO? SEO is 'Search Engine Optimization. It's techniques, technology and strategy used to get your site on the first page, ideally the top, of the SERPs or Search Engine Results Page. In simpler words, it's getting your website to...

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Dissecting Brooke's Sales Funnel

So a Sales Funnel is a fancy way of getting peeps into your email autoresponder to warm them up and turn them into raving clients. There’s a madness of psychology, technology, and strategy to get a good funnel working and every little step must function at 110% to...

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Comparing Webinar Software

So earlier this week, I spent some time researching my webinar options as doing webinars is part of my business plan.  And why not share what I did with you 🙂 So I did a little bit of googling and came up with a fair number of options but narrowed it down to the...

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