So one of my mandates for 2017 is to start up my own online eCommerce site.  There’s 2 reasons for this: 1) To prove I know what I’m doing when it comes to online marketing and 2) To generate another income source (think “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”).

So what I’ve done is gone back to my roots and started up an eCommerce site selling cloth diapers.  Back in 2014, I ran an online coop selling all things baby at deep discounts to local moms.  So I already have the experience and connections within this industry to start it up again but at a new level.  It was essentially a no-brainer.

I decided to promote my new online store before I even had inventory (note at the time of this writing I still don’t have inventory — but that’s another story for another day) by running a contest using Facebook Ads to drive awareness and engagement to my new, and empty, social media sites.

I opted to run a contest to win a 15 cloth pad starter set (something I sew and currently sell on Etsy) as the grand prize as this is something I will be adding to my eStore as well (and I had them in stock ready to ship, which was important).

So I set to work:


Campaign Objective:

Engagement/Brand Awareness (they keep changing the titles)

Ad Set:

Audience selection is one of the most important pieces of the Facebook Ad puzzle.  For a product like this it was fairly straight forward to find my audience size.  Note: When targeting a cold audience (people who have never heard of you) aim for an audience size of 500,000-2,000,000 people.

Ad Copy:


When writing ad copy, focusing on benefits over features is important.  In this case I focused on the benefits first, and then on the features, followed by a clear call to action right at the beginning (this is because not all copy will be seen on an ad in the newsfeed.  So putting the most important elements first is important to get people to understand what and why they are seeing your ad.



Overall I’m really happy with the results.  There’s always room for improvement, but at $0.10 per engagement, I was really happy.





Overall, I got 2316 people aware of my new business;  217 Active Engagers;  50 New Facebook Followers; 14 Instagram Followers (thought this would’ve been higher but I now know why); All For $27.78.

FYI 59% engagement rate with Instagram is HUGE!!! 1-5% is common and would make me a happy camper for the average ad.  Even the Facebook ad was over 3%!

Oh and one happy winner of 15 cloth pads!!!

BONUS: All 217 engagers will be actively retargeted during my next campaign, and because they’ve seen me before, they’re more likely to engage again, and again.



I learned a couple things during this.

1) The ad copy for Instagram ads has to specifically tell them to ‘follow you’.  I had just setup 1 Ad Set the first time around and grouped Facebook with Instagram.  But because the nature of these platforms are so different, you have to write completely different copy for the two for them to be really effective.  Lesson Learned.

2) People love giveaways! It’s a great way to build brand awareness for a decent cost.

3) Running Facebook ads doesn’t have to be expensive.  But it does have to be strategic to be effective.



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