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Webinars – Start Hosting Without Spending A Dime

So webinars are hot right now! Everybody I follow on the interweb has done or is doing a webinar.  Why? What a better way to build a relationship with your audience that to get face to face! Right? Your Pretty Face! It allows your audience, even a cold audience, to...

Dissecting Brooke's Sales Funnel

So a Sales Funnel is a fancy way of getting peeps into your email autoresponder to warm them up and turn them into raving clients. There’s a madness of psychology, technology, and strategy to get a good funnel working and every little step must function at 110% to...

Comparing Webinar Software

So earlier this week, I spent some time researching my webinar options as doing webinars is part of my business plan.  And why not share what I did with you :) So I did a little bit of googling and came up with a fair number of options but narrowed it down to the...


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