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Hello and welcome everyone to another marketing moment with Maggie.

Today I’m going to take a little bit of a tangent from the normal training that I normally do and talk about what came out new in the last seven days in the world of social media marketing.

You can see that I have my Instagram showing up. This is my real Instagram.

This week, Instagram released IGTV. Instagram Television is essentially owned by Facebook.

They’re given YouTube a run for their money. So I of course have my opinions about this. But first we’ll go into what actually is IGTV and how to actually get access to it.

So the easiest way to get access to IGTV is through Instagram. There is this mobile app too if you wanted to use. And what’s different about IGTV over stories is that TV can have I believe the videos uploads of an hour.

They are very vertical videos. As you can see here and this is the lovely Betty rocker. You can talk longer and present more information now.

I don’t think they’re anywhere near being competitive to YouTube. YouTube is a place where you go to learn how to do things how to crochet, how to knit, etc. Right. YouTube is still very much for me a desktop platform. IGTV is exclusively at this time mobile.

And the other thing that I’ve seen from watching through this is I feel that the content marketers are the content creators using IGTV are really going to have to step up the game because to me this is just a glorified version of stories. Stories to me is where you share you know your personal story. I went for a walk I went to the beach I did this whatever. If you’re going to be using IGTV, I think you need to step it up. I think it needs to be not Storyland it needs to be an actual captivating video.

So we’ll see how this pans out. Now of course as a marketer the number one thing that I can think of is OK when are they going to monetize it. And you can guarantee that Facebook will start to monetize this at some point. I’m not 100 percent sure when that’s going to be or how they’re going to do it but guarantee they will try to monetize this. But they’re obviously just testing the technology for it is right now.

But you can go through and you can see following and popular and the things that are showing up right now of course are people that I follow. And what the algorithm is picking up the ones that I’ve previously watched you can create your own channel which I probably should do but I’m not so much an Instagram story creator, so this is not my thing.

So let’s actually see.

So again it comes up with Channels when I tried to put in knitting and looking at these. I’m not 100 percent convinced that many of these are going to be per se educational but you can see like this one she’s doing exactly what I would want to see which is and I can now follow her which is showing me how to do something.

So great foundation, huge potential, not quite there yet in terms of me using it as a user and I’m on social media all the time.

So you know I do see the potential but I’m not 100 percent convinced in terms of how to how to execute it I think it will be very worthwhile to use in certain demographics and in certain verticals for sure. I think they have a ways to go to actually start to be competitive to be to YouTube and that’s just my personal opinion.

The second thing that I actually just read about today which also has to do with Instagram is for our stories. We’re going to be able to have the power to choose who sees your story. So right now when you create a story on Instagram it goes to all your followers. And I read today that there will be rolling out that you will be able to choose who your stories show to just like you can choose on Facebook your stories show to them. I think they’re going to get up and more granular like especially on Facebook you can control from not a story but a post level you can control who actually sees those posts right down to a very it’s you pick your top 10 people if you want to just do family or whatever they like they’re on to roll that out now over to this story and the Instagram site, which I think is good. I think I like that. So those are the two updates in terms of what has happened this week with the technology. You know some good things. We’ll see where it goes. We’ll see where it goes.

Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below. I am happy to have open healthy debate. Don’t be confrontational. But you know if you agree or disagree or if you like or if you are like I don’t quite understand what this is you know share your comments. Let’s get some communication going about it. Thank you everyone for watching. And until next week I hope you have a wonderful week that reminds me next week I will not be doing a radio.

I’ll have one hopefully prerecorded but I am away so the next film will be about two weeks from now. So in the meantime have yourself a wonderful time. July’s literally around the corner. He’s already started to hit here. I’m in the northern hemisphere so it’s summer and it’s time to enjoy some beach life. So thanks everyone and we will talk to you soon.


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