Our Step-By-Step Online Marketing Strategy That Consistently Brings In New Leads, for as little as $100/mth 

[If you don’t know what a lead is, it’s a contact point with a potential client/customer/student.  An email or phone number is attained in exchange for a valuable offer/product/service ] 


Starting a small business is hard.  There’s capital investment. Operational overhead.  Getting the word out.  Getting your first client/customer/student.  Making sure your product or service is amazing and ahead of your competitors.  Marketing.  Advertising.  Bookkeeping.  Employees ….  

Anyone who’s owned a small business, even for 1 year, know the challenges us small business owners face.   

And it doesn’t surprise me that 50% of small businesses close within 5 years. 

In fact, I believe the number to be higher.   

Because most statistics report ‘failing’ businesses – and I don’t know if that includes the small business owner who decides they can’t keep going, can’t keep scraping by.  Can’t keep up with the stresses and pressures.   

I know I fall into this statistic.   

But I didn’t fail.  My business rocked.  I had calls years after I closed asking for me to attend events. 

But I couldn’t keep going and raise a family.   

So, I closed and sold. 

5 Years later I now help small business owners, facing the same challenges I faced, get their marketing and advertising running on autopilot so they not only don’t have to close, but they can achieve some work-life balance. 

Cause here’s a reality check – successful businesses invest in marketing. 

End of Story. 


The following marketing strategy walks you through a basic plan that we use with our clients to get them more leads. 

It’s designed for the small business owner who has little understanding of online marketing but who is able to follow quantifiable action steps that when followed, will get you more clients/customers/students for as little as $100/month.


Ready To Transform Your Business? 

This marketing plan is broken down into 7 steps: 

1) Create An Amazing Offer 

2) Set Up a Lead Capture System 

3) Set Up AdWords 

4) Set Up Facebook Ads 

5) Set Up Email Marketing 

6) Review and Troubleshoot 


Ready to get started? 

(note: don’t expect to get all these steps done in 1 sitting.  We take about 3-4 weeks to setup 1 funnel for a client.  Give yourself the same timeframe.  In the meantime, bookmark this page to come back to). 



This is the problem we see 99% of the time when a sales funnel/marketing strategy is failing.  The offer isn’t good enough. 

To understand how to create a great offer, you have to understand how your client avatar thinks.  

You have to understand how consumers think. 

Back in 2006, before the land of Facebook, the few people who were online had no problem getting visitors to provide their contact information.  Emails were provided for newsletters.  RSS feeds were subscribed to.  MySpace profiles were followed. 

It was easy. 

In 2017 and as we head into 2018, we, as marketers, can’t throw something at the wall and hope it’ll stick. 

We have to be strategic.  

Our customers are being attacked with marketing material every second of the day from social media to radio to podcasts to email – and to get their attention we have to throw amazing offers in front of them. 

Now you may be wondering, “What defines amazing?” 

There is no hard fast rule – but think 80-90% off a product or service. 

Here are some examples: 

SUPPLEMENTS – First bottle is free – just pay shipping & handling 

MARTIAL ARTS DOJOS – 3 weeks for $39 

SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (SAAS) – 30-Day free trial – no credit card required 

COACHING – Complementary call to work on your money blocks 

If you pay attention to the marketing strategies around you as you browse the web, you’ll start to see a trend.   

Amazing deals with little risk. 

Money back guarantees. 

90% off. 

Customers are a very jagged bunch.   They’ve all been scammed at one point or another and are very cautious when it comes to trusting someone they don’t know.   

And it takes patience, and strategy, on the behalf of the small business owner to win a piece of the market share. 

Because Amazon has taken it all – so to win a new customer, we need to be strategic about our offers. 

So what kind of offer can you provide? 

What gets strangers to show interest in your product or service? 

What would make people take a risk on you? 



When you’re driving traffic to your website, you need a way for people to provide their contact information in exchange for your amazing offer.   

There are many technical tools that do this for you and sadly, you’ll need something. Below is a rundown of some options available. 

SIMPLE CONTACT FORM: This will be the easiest.  You likely already have something set up on your website.  Simply create a new page with the details of the offer and the contact form.  Keep it simple.  More information you ask, the less likely you’ll get the signup. 

3RD PARTY TOOL FOR LEAD CAPTURE: The one I recommend that won’t break the bank is LEADPAGES.  With their prebuilt templates, designed for conversion, you can set up a landing page (the web page your new contact lands on after clicking an ad) in an hour.  Starts at $39/mth and removes a lot of the guesswork and marketing knowledge needed to be effective. 

WHAT WE USE: Because we have the background in web design and lead capture, we use a combination of our own customized landing pages and a third-party tool called BLOOM* from Elegant Themes.  The opt-ins you see on this website are all built this way. 

Now there are many other tools out there that will do the job.  But this isn’t an article comparing and contrasting the different lead capturing software out there.  I’ll leave that for a future post. 

Once you have a landing page with the ability to capture email and/or phone numbers, the next step is to send traffic (internet traffic) to the page.   



Google’s AdWords’ platform is probably the most powerful advertising option out there for all sizes of businesses.  

But it can also get expensive. 

So, understanding when to use Google AdWords as a marketing strategy is part of the battle. 

The other part is setting things up. 

Now I can’t go into the nitty-gritty of AdWords in this article alone.  But I’ll provide some direction on how to get started with AdWords Express in the videos below. 

NOTE: We do NOT use AdWords Express for our clients.  But this is an easier platform to understand for business owners who have never used AdWords before. If you’re interested in having us set up your AdWords account, feel free to contact us 


Google is an amazing platform for driving traffic to your website. 

But it has 1 drawback — 

It only works if your potential customer knows what they need to solve their problem. 

In other words, they need to be searching for someone like you. 

But what if they’re not? 

What if they don’t know what the solution is to the problem they’re experiencing? 

What if they’re not aware of the problem? 

That’s where Facebook comes in.   

We run both Google and Facebook ads simultaneously for this reason.   

To get our clients products in front of as many people as possible, at all stages of solution awareness. 

Now the easiest way to set up a FB ad is to write a post on your page and boost it. 

Setting up ads within the ads manager can get overwhelming, so we’ll save that for another day. 

Instead, we’ll show you how to boost a post in the video below. 


If you’re interested in learning more about Facebook Ads, Download Our Ultimate Beginners Guide to Facebook Ads  



Here’s the piece of the puzzle that most business owners neglect – follow-up.   

Now you can follow up manually or you can do it automatically by using a third-party tool like Active Campaign*. 

NOTE: Mailchimp is popular with small business owners.  But it’s ability to send automatic follow-ups is limited.  Just something to note is that many businesses leave Mailchimp for more effective automation processes before too long.  This is why we recommend Active Campaign to get set up right in the first place.   

Below is a video describing how an automation works within our own platform… 


Article On Email Marketing ROI 

Link To Active Campaign Marketing Platform 



The final step in all of this testing things out.   

Log into all your platforms and make sure things are working. 

Are you getting clicks? 

Are you getting people to opt-in? 

Are they getting your emails? 

90% of what we do here at Tribal Marketer is troubleshooting campaigns.  Setup is only half the battle. 



You’ve set up an automated online marketing plan that will work on autopilot to get you more leads and more customers. 

I’m so proud of you for taking this on as 90% of your fellow small business owners never even try. 

Which means you now have the competitive edge 😉 

If you find you’re stuck with any stage of this process and need a little bit of help, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help. 

In addition, if you feel you just don’t have the time to set all this up, download our pricing guide and consider hiring us to do the job for you.  Our rates are very reasonable and designed with the small business owner’s budget in mind. 


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