What Is SEO?

Stands for Search Engine Optimization.

In a nutshell, it’s strategy and technology to make your website searchable on Google, and specifically to get on the first page of Google Searches.

Kinda important right?

We all want to be found at the top of Google.

But with 1+ Billion Websites worldwide, there’s a lot of competition.

So how do we get you to the top?

Search Engine Registration

Just because you have a website, doesn’t mean it’s registered with the search engines. Each engine has it’s own tag that needs to be placed on your website in order to crawl it.

404 Redirects

404 redirects increase customer engagement buy sending them to the correct pages after things get moved around.  Sometimes pages get renamed, sometimes they get delected, and setting up the 404 redirects saves losing a potential customer from hitting the back button.

Backlink Generation

Touted to be the number one way to build your SEO credibility, building authentic backlinks, that is links from other sites pointing to yours, is both strategy and authenticity.  Reaching out to influencers in your area of expertise, building relationships with partners and posting quality reports to high visited sites (i.e. digital magazines) all increase backlinks and raise your SEO power.

Keyword Research

The key to getting to the top of search pages is the research and utilization of keywords.  These tell the search engines what the pages are about and help identify which ones are best to show to the end user.  Determining which keywords are the best to use to reach the highest engagement is what we do using special software and resources.

User Friendly Content

At the end of the day, if the user doesn’t find what they’re looking for, this will show with high bounce rates (back button rates) and low landing times.  By creating quality, relatable content, the user experience is maintained which will be reflected in your page rankings.

Sitemap Upload

Up loading your sitemap, that is the names of the pages and posts on your site, into the search engines helps the engines understand what your business is all about.

Google Analytics Installation

Not SEO specific, but installing Google Analytics is vital to understanding where your traffic is coming from and to identify holes in the system to be repaired.  Monthly reports can be emailed to keep you up to date on your website’s activities.

Effective Permalink Structure

Permalink structure ensures your pages and posts get crawled by the search engines for the correct keywords.

Page Speed Optimization

Noone likes a slow site! And neither does Google.   We analyze and modify your site speed to ensure highest user experience.   This includes image compression, better coding, caching and other tricks that we have up our sleeves.

Optimal Site Design

Again, related to user experience, a clean, easy to read, easy to navigate website raising the user experience and hence your page rankings.
Getting to the top is about being as search friendly as possible. Firstly – so the search engines can ‘read’ your site and figure out what it’s about Secondly – To connect search queries to the best site. At the end of the day, search engines are about quality user experience, and it’s our job at Tribal Marketer to present your site in it’s best dress.

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